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Master your interview skills so you feel confident and ready to impress at your next job interview.

You longer need to feel stressed, anxious and nervous before an interview. With my coaching program, you will learn how to feel calm, confident and be yourself in any job interview.

Robert Cugno - Future U Coaching
Finding the job search hard work?

Right Job, Right Employer

Many job seekers forget an interview is a two-way conversation. To find your ideal job, you need to skilfully assess each opportunity and decide if it’s the right role with the right employer for you. 

Learn how to ask insightful questions in a professional way to glean the information you need to make your decision.

Be the one

Develop a confident and consistent way of answering interview questions. Prove to the interview panel that you are the perfect fit for the role.  

Build trust and rapport with the panel and show them you are the one. 
Get your story straight
Finding the job search hard work?

Master Online Interviews

Online job interviews are becoming the norm. 

So, now is the time to brush up your skills and learn how to project confidence, engage the listener and answer questions in an online environment 

Why Future U Coaching?

Great coaching session with Rob on interview skills. I took advantage of Rob’s new course which covered everything from how to mentally prepare yourself, a recorded practice session and feedback. The video experience and Rob’s tips and tricks were great - I’d highly recommend them to anyone who has to prepare for an interview or presentation.

Michael Stones

Rob is a caring and attentive Career Coach who helped me uncover insights that helped me make really good career decisions. His warm personality, ability to listen and ability to ask good questions helped grow my career. I strongly recommend Rob as a Career Coach.

Jade M


Rob has provided me with insightful, targeted and results-driven careers coaching. Rob used work-interest analytics to help me understand how to maximise my career potential and to improve core skills needed for my work. I learned how to play to my strengths and how to develop my approach as a manager and leader. I now have a firmer view of the next steps for my career development. I would strongly recommend Rob at Future U Coaching.

Neil S

Rob provided me with Interview Coaching as I prepared for an important career progression process. I was impressed the way Rob spent time with me to identify my weaknesses and previous interview mistakes.

Together we agreed on a coaching program that helped develop my interviewing skills to the point where I performed the best I ever had and led to my promotion. Rob’s coaching also gave me confidence.

Kirk R
Attorney-General's Department

What is the Interview Skills Program?

The interview skills program is available in a single format, which blends self-guided online learning plus personal coaching sessions so I can give you tailored feedback.

You will learn:
  • How to creating your engaging success stories 
  • Live & remote interview techniques 
  • How to build connection & rapport with the interview panel

Group Coaching

Group coaching gives you access to my online program designed to help you get back to work. 

It’s perfect for people who feel confident about taking the next step in their career but want to learn some new tips and tricks 
You will receive:
  • ​1x 45min video masterclass on how to improve your interview skills
  • 2 x 30 min coaching sessions
  • A tracking document for your success stories
  • ​Future U Job Interview Checklist
  • Membership to my Love What You Do community
  • ​Special member price for all other online programs & events


Robert Cugno

Career Coach and Founder of Future U Coaching

With a combined 25 years experience in Education, Leadership & Coaching where I was regularly offered new and exciting roles at higher and higher levels I decided it is time to help others by sharing the roadmap, tips and secrets that helped me (and others) to achieve career change and success.

I created this career coaching business with one purpose …

To inspire people (like you) to find their dream career by sharing my roadmap so they too can enjoy a fabulous career and a happy life.
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