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Learn how to master your LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job.

Robert Cugno - Future U Coaching
Finding the job search hard work?

Look the part

Did you know you have approximately seven seconds to make a good impression on LinkedIn? 

That’s a small window to catch the eye of recruiters and future employers. 

Let me help you create a professional looking LinkedIn profile. 

Tell them what you’re about

LinkedIn is a search engine, just like Google. 

Recruiters use keywords to find the right skills to match their role. 

So, it’s vital your profile has the right keywords for your ideal job. 

I’ll help you find the right keywords and edit your profile.
Get your story straight
Finding the job search hard work?

Be a Stand Out

Your header is another way to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd. 

Let me help you create a professional header that will boost your personal brand.

Why Future U Coaching?

I really enjoyed and got a lot of value out of my time with Robert - mostly his communication style and ability to pinpoint my internal barriers and then how to deal with them. I have been putting what I learnt into practice and enjoying the change! Highly recommend.

Sophie V


I found Rob’s career coaching to be insightful in helping me identify my strengths, interests and the best jobs that suit me. He quickly won my trust with his caring manner, enthusiasm and desire to help me achieve my career goals. Rob really makes it all about me and that allows me to gain a clarity about what I need to do that is difficult to see on my own.

Samantha Tehan

What is included in the LinkedIn Makeover program?

There are two ways you I can help you makeover your LinkedIn profile:

Group Coaching

Group coaching gives you access to my online program which teaches you three key ways to improve your LinkedIn profile.

It is perfect for people who have a good understanding of LinkedIn and just want to polish their profile

You will receive:
  • Two x 40 min pre-recorded coaching videos

    - Video 1 will provide insights into how to:
    - Create a LinkedIn profile to get noticed by recruiters
    - Make a great first impression with your LinkedIn profile
    - Harness the power of keywords to attract the right attention
    - Write an eye-catching header
    - Give insights through your About section

    - Video 2 will provide insights into:
    - How to use your experience to boost your profile hits
    - Asking for endorsements and recommendations
    - Why your accomplishments matter ​
    - Growing your LinkedIn network to meet your career goals
  • Future U LinkedIn Guide
  • Membership to my Love What You Do community
  • ​Special member price for all other online programs & events
  • ​A 30 min review session with me to discuss how you will implement what you have learned (booking required).

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching gives you 4 x 30min private sessions, in addition to the online resources.

It’s ideal for people who need to boost their LinkedIn profile to build career opportunities

You will receive:
  • ​Two x 40 min pre-recorded coaching videos
  • ​4 x 30min face to face coaching sessions
  • ​Complimentary access to my LinkedIn Secrets self-guided video
    (1 hour)
  • ​Future U LinkedIn guide
  • ​LinkedIn Starter Pack
  • ​Membership to the Love What You Do community
  • ​Special Members prices for online products & events


Robert Cugno

Career Coach and Founder of Future U Coaching

With a combined 25 years experience in Education, Leadership & Coaching where I was regularly offered new and exciting roles at higher and higher levels I decided it is time to help others by sharing the roadmap, tips and secrets that helped me (and others) to achieve career change and success.

I created this career coaching business with one purpose …

To inspire people (like you) to find their dream career by sharing my roadmap so they too can enjoy a fabulous career and a happy life.
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