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Find Your Tribe

The people in your professional network are your ticket to a whole new world of opportunities. Let me help you find new connections, build influence, stay connected and learn how to thoughtfully use your network to find the right job for you.

Robert Cugno - Future U Coaching
Finding the job search hard work?

Right People, Right Career

Did you know you are far more likely to find new career opportunities through acquaintances and colleagues than through job boards and websites? 

Research shows that 70% of all vacant jobs are not advertised but rather filled through networks. This is called the “hidden” job market. 

Together, we’ll make a plan to meet and connect with the right people to help you land your next opportunity.

Give & Take

Finding opportunities via your network is only half the story. You need to also need to make a contribution. 

Let’s make a plan to help you build influence, credibility, trust and be a valued member of your network.
Get your story straight
Finding the job search hard work?

Stay in Touch

It’s not good enough to reach out to people just when you want something. 

You need to nurture relationships and stay in touch. Let me help you find ways to be connected to your network without it being a burden. 

 We will investigate strategies that will only take 20 minutes a day to nurture important relationships. 

Why Future U Coaching?

I made the smart decision to work with Rob when I was approached about a new position which would involve a career change. He listened to my challenges, asked me great questions to help me work things out and when I was stuck, he shared his knowledge and experience to guide me through. I found that Rob’s observations, ideas and advice were crucial in helping me make the right choices. I would strongly advise you to reach out to him. Rob is an attentive, sensitive, trustworthy coach with a wicked sense of humour.

Nicole W

What is included in the networking program?

There are two ways you I can help you build your networking skills:

Group Coaching

Group coaching gives you access to my online program designed to help you become a smarter networker.

It’s perfect if you have an established network but want to expand your connections.  

You will receive:
  • 2 x pre-recorded coaching videos
    - Networking Online 
    - Networking Face to Face 
  • Future U Networking Guide
  • ​Membership to the Love What You Do community
  • ​Special member price for all other online programs & events
  • ​A 30 min review session with me to discuss how to implement what you have learned (booking required)

Individual Coaching

The Future U Networking program includes four individual coaching sessions where we explore:

- Networking as a career building strategy
- How to build your tribe when you’re working remotely
- How to network on LinkedIn
- Discuss how to avoid networking mistakes
You will receive:
  • 3 x 30 min individual coaching sessions
  • ​2 x pre-recorded coaching videos
    - Networking Online
    - Networking Face to Face
  • ​Future U Networking Guide
  • ​Membership to the Love What You Do community
  • ​Special member price for all other online programs & events


Robert Cugno

Career Coach and Founder of Future U Coaching

With a combined 25 years experience in Education, Leadership & Coaching where I was regularly offered new and exciting roles at higher and higher levels I decided it is time to help others by sharing the roadmap, tips and secrets that helped me (and others) to achieve career change and success.

I created this career coaching business with one purpose …

To inspire people (like you) to find their dream career by sharing my roadmap so they too can enjoy a fabulous career and a happy life.
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