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Success Stories:

Due to confidentiality agreements we are not permitted to use real names so the names in these success stories have been changed.

Success Story 1:

The Problem: Get me out of here, my employer doesn’t value me!!

“Bernard” was acting in a senior management role charged with the responsibility for generating revenue from corporate clients.  He felt that he was being deliberately hampered and undermined by those around him which prevented him from excelling at the role.  After 6-months of acting in the role the position was advertised and he did not make the short-list of interviewees for the position.  He was told he performance over the last 6-months was not good enough to warrant an interview.

This proved to “Bernard” that his efforts were not appreciated by his manager and that he needed to leave this team if he wanted to achieve his career goals.

“Bernard” came to Future U Coaching seeking career coaching in how he can find his dream role with a new employer.

The Process:

“Bernard” was determined to leave his employer and find an equal position to the one he was acting in. He employed Future U Coaching to help guide and coach him to achieve this very clear goal.

Together, “bernard” and his coach devised the following coaching program:

  • Completion of the Career Strategy Report (powered by Harrison Assessment)
  • Debriefing report and finding most preferred job role and career path.
  • Dealing with conflict coaching.
  • Networking coaching to seek out and identify job opportunities.
  • CV and LinkedIn review
  • Coaching in answering Key Selection Criteria
  • Interview skills coaching
  • Coaching to effectively negotiate remuneration package.

The Outcome:

“Bernard” had a double success.  Firstly, he was able to negotiate an internal secondment into a new team that were more supportive.  This allowed “Ian” to regain his confidence and lead to a more positive attitude towards work.  It helped him find his mojo.

The second and more important success for “Ian” was that within 3 months of commencing his secondment he was successful in finding a position of equal standing with a more prestigious employer.  He was also able to negotiate an excellent remuneration package that gave him an excellent income and greater flexibility.

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