Success Story | Apply For Jobs With No Interviews

The Problem:  I’m applying for jobs but not getting interviews

“Nora” had been out of the work for a number of years and was keen to re-enter the workforce.  She was applying for different roles but was not being shortlisted for interviews. The most distressing thing for her was that she was applying for job roles that were below the level at which she was working at when she left the workforce.

“Nora” came to Future U Coaching for coaching in how to write effective job application and how to revise her CV for every application.

The Process:

“Nora” and her coach conducted a review of her:

  • Resume and how it matched the skills and experiences being sought.
  • Her answers to Key Selection Criteria (KSC).
  • Her writing style.

Through a mutually designed coaching program “Anne” came to understand:

  • The importance of identifying and using the key words in the position description.
  • Structuring her CV so that it was appropriate and included key words.
  • Writing her KSC answers in a more succinct and direct manner and incorporating key words.

The Outcome:

“Nora” was shortlisted for the next 3 roles she applied for and was successful in gaining employment with one of those employers.

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