Success Story | Choking At Interviews

The Problem:  I am choking in interviews

“Nancy” was looking for a new role and was consistently being short listed for interview.  Unfortunately, interviews made “Nancy” anxious.  She found herself “going blank in the interviews” and really struggled to answer the questions being asked; connect with the interview panel; and, generally failed to give herself any chance of winning the job.

“Nancy” came to Future U Coaching for coaching to develop her interview skills.

The Process:

“Nancy” and her coach devised a coaching program that covered the following content:

  • Mindset coaching: where “Nancy” learn the triggers that set off her anxiety and she identified things she could do to gain control over it.
  • Understanding the purpose of the interview: “Nancy” saw the interview as an exam, a test of her knowledge which made her “feel like I was back at school sitting an exam”. Once she learnt the true purpose of the interview she felt much more at ease.
  • Rapport building with the interview panel: she learnt ways of building rapport with the panel that made her feel more relaxed and confident.
  • Communicating with words, eyes and body: “Nancy” was coached in how use her whole body, rather than just words to communicate with the panel.

 The Outcome:

“Nancy” sat a few more interviews before she was successful in landing a new role.  However, after each interview she reported feeling “less and less anxious”; she became better at engaging the panel; and, the mind set exercises were really contributed to her “new, calmer interview performance”.

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