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5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Business Network

A business relationship is like any other – to last the distance it has to be based on mutual respect and benefit. We’re all guilty of getting caught up in the daily grind, prioritizing the ‘to do’ list over making time to nurture valuable relationships, the rock on which supportive

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5 Awesome Tips to Start Building Your Network

Last week I was talking about networking with one of my coachees.  They were very worried because they felt they did not have a network.  They understood that a network was important, but they could not identify their network.  They were concerned that a lack of a network would hurt

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Five Networking Tips for Introverts

Do you prefer watching Netflix in your pyjamas to trading business cards with a room full of strangers? You’re not alone. According to Susan Cain, a published author and leader in the ‘Quiet Revolution’, up to 50 percent of Americans consider themselves to be ‘introverts’. It’s reasonable to assume a

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Networking Emails Are Tricky. Here’s 3 Easy Steps to Make the Right Introduction – By Hillel Fuld from Inc.

Responding well and following up to business introductions can make them so much more effective At the foundation of business, no matter what industry you work in, are people and connections. Introductions and facilitating connections are a core part of the corporate world. We would all be nowhere without our business relationships.

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