Hi There! I’m Rob Cugno
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If you are looking for the job “you were born to do” or the career that inspires and fills you with joy and energy, or you just want to ditch the career that is bringing you down but don’t know how or what to do, then you are in the right place.

This page is for you!

You can find out more about me here but for now, let’s focus on why you’re here.

The Fastest Way To Find Your Dream Career…..

It’s not as hard as you think!

Not too long ago I was in your shoes. I was in a job that was making me miserable, causing me great stress AND impacting on my family and friends. Work is not meant to be like this, right?

There are many reasons why the thought of finding your dream career can be overwhelming. It can be about the fear of the unknown, the belief that it is too hard OR about not knowing how. I know so well that feeling of not knowing how, or even where to begin and who to talk to. After lots of hard work, trial and error and feedback from experts I developed a roadmap that helped me find the job I wanted.

NOW I have made it my mission to share this roadmap with as many unhappy professionals as possible so they, too, can enjoy the happiness, reward and job satisfaction that comes with loving the job you do.

I would love to talk with you and hear what you’re been struggling with so I can help you too.

Join me on a FREE strategy session and we’ll create an action plan that will help you find and land your dream career so you lead the life you want …100% FREE.

No catches, no awkward sales pitches. We’ll simply jump on a call and work out an action plan that is right for you so you can find that awesome career.

Do Your Online Career Audit Challenge

Before we let you go so you can take action, I’d like to invite you to take your next FREE challenge.

Do you want to experience clarity and confidence from understanding all the awesome and great things you have achieved so far in your career? Do you want to see how your past work experience can help you identify your future dream career?

By completing this challenge you will become aware of the things you love doing, the things you don’t love so much, the things you should keep doing, the things you should stop doing and the things holding you back. This is the crucial part that people don’t do when looking for a new career. It is vital, you don’t want to miss it!

Once you complete your challenge you will be invited to schedule a FREE 20 minute conversation to discuss what you found out and what your next steps could be.


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To help you get moving towards your DREAM CAREER and to give you actionable advice you can start implementing RIGHT NOW make sure you sign up for my FREE guide – The 9 Key Steps to Living Your Dream Career.



  • How to Make a Career Action Plan

How to Make a Career Action Plan

Feeling underwhelmed about your career? If this is how you feel then it’s time to reassess and learn how to make a career action plan. As a career coach, I have noticed there are three key times in the year

  • Grieving for your career

Grieving for your career and how to move on

Are you grieving for your career? You can grieve for your career when you’ve lost a job you love or even if you’ve never found work that brings you purpose and connection. It’s actually important to grieve when you transition


I am here for you as a guide to help you find your dream career and as a friend.

I want to hear your stories, your challenges and the goals, dreams and aspirations you want to achieve for years to come.

This is about helping you to become clear and confident about what your dream career can be and how to ensure you feel great along the process (no more dreading Mondays’ and stressing about going to work!)

No more overwhelm, no more lacking clarity and confidence, no more frustration or worrying about “what is my next career move”, no more anxiety, no more jobs you hate – I am here to help you get results.

Yes, you can find your DREAM CAREER and lead the fabulous life that goes with it. It takes two things to make it happen. Firstly, it takes expertise, the intention and the desire to make it happen. Secondly, you need a clear roadmap and people in your corner to guide and support you. If you have the first, then I’ll provide the second.

Working together we have got this covered.

Let’s get started.