Sometimes, you don’t know what you’re capable of with Anthony Peyton

The world is changing

This podcast was recorded in late 2019 but it’s more relevant now.

As Rob’s guest, Director of PREP Design Anthony Peyton, says in the interview ‘the world is changing’.

Anthony is a great example of someone taking a career pivot within the same industry but taking a different role.

In this podcast Rob and Anthony discuss:

  • Why sometimes, you don’t know what you’re capable of because you’re stuck on the train tracks
  • How to know your purpose to grow your influence
  • Why being an ‘intrapreneur’ will create opportunities that match your skills

Anthony’s #1 career tip: remember to check in with your support network as you make changes in your career.

Anyone looking to progress their career in 2020 needs determination and an open and inquiring mind. I hope you draw inspiration from Anthony’s story.

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