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Build Your Knowledge, Build Your Worth

Learn More and earn more? The facts prove it - when you build your knowledge, you build your worth. This is true for both formal education (as in qualifications) and informal education (professional development, on-the-job training and developing soft skills like emotional intelligence). As a career coach, I often hear

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Networking Emails Are Tricky. Here’s 3 Easy Steps to Make the Right Introduction – By Hillel Fuld from Inc.

Responding well and following up to business introductions can make them so much more effective At the foundation of business, no matter what industry you work in, are people and connections. Introductions and facilitating connections are a core part of the corporate world. We would all be nowhere without our business relationships.

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Singapore professionals rank happiness and health higher than career progression – Business Insider Singapore

Money isn’t everything, and young professionals in Singapore seem to know that it certainly can’t buy you happiness. That’s according to a recent study which showed that happiness (76%) is in fact, the top indicator of success among Singapore professionals, followed by health (74%), which is also listed high on

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Coaching and Mentoring: are they two side of the same coin?

An interesting discussion emerged the other day on mentoring and coaching. It led to a conversation on whether mentoring and coaching were fundamentally different or are they simply two sides of the same coin. Is it simply the semantics of definitions that make them seem different? So, who decides on

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