Build Your Knowledge, Build Your Worth

Learn More and earn more? The facts prove it - when you build your knowledge, you build your worth. This is true for both formal education (as in qualifications) and informal education (professional development, on-the-job training and developing soft skills like emotional intelligence). As a career coach, I often hear

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The best places to work for 2018 – By HR Online

Workplace culture has been dominating headlines due to a spate of poor behaviour and high profile toxic work environments. So, it’s refreshing to focus on those employers who are getting it right for a change.  What makes for a great place to work? Free food? Standing desks? A company ping-pong table? While

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5 Tips for Finding those Hidden Jobs that People Talk About

As a career coach I can attest that there is a hidden job market most job seekers did not know exists, nor how to access them. It is the reason why some people continue to find work while others continue to dream about career happiness. The thing about hidden jobs

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The 6 things about redundancy

What do the automotive, airline, manufacturing and banking industries have in common? In the last 5 years they have all experiencing dramatic downsizing or complete closure. This has meant an incredible number of Australian workers have been made redundant. Maybe you or someone you know has been or are about

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Singapore professionals rank happiness and health higher than career progression – Business Insider Singapore

Money isn’t everything, and young professionals in Singapore seem to know that it certainly can’t buy you happiness. That’s according to a recent study which showed that happiness (76%) is in fact, the top indicator of success among Singapore professionals, followed by health (74%), which is also listed high on

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Shine at your job interview to get noticed

So you want to shine at job interviews. You saw that job and went for it. Updated your CV. Wrote a snappy cover letter that addressed all the key selection criteria. And you got the call you’ve been hoping for, the one that excites you and scares you, but gets

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Don’t panic: smash your job interview

Panic is bad. It is debilitating and the mortal enemy of the job candidate in their first face-to-face meeting. In my experience of interviewing prospective employees, I was constantly amazed by how many, perfectly eligible applicants would ruin their job prospects because of panic. Panic made them sound incoherent and confused;

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Reasons to paint a picture during job interviews

The two killer mistakes made by people in interviews are: Not providing enough of the right information (missing the point), or Providing too much information in an unclear, incoherent manner (babbling) Generally, interviewers want to hear clear, coherent and well-structured answers to their questions.  They want to hear answers that

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How a career coach can cure you of a toxic job and improve your work life balance

If you’re feeling sick, you go to the doctor. Put on some kilos? A PT will push you to exercise.  Need ideas to build your dream home? Time to get an architect. Want to put on an Instagram-worthy wedding like the celebs? Leave it to the wedding planner to bring

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