If you’re feeling sick, you go to the doctor. Put on some kilos? A PT will push you to exercise.  Need ideas to build your dream home? Time to get an architect. Want to put on an Instagram-worthy wedding like the celebs? Leave it to the wedding planner to bring the magic. Where do you go to improve your work life balance?

When it comes to our jobs, our careers, the place where we earn money to live, the people we’re spending most of our days with, we often plod along on our own – confused, deflated, unsure of our next step. Many people never ask the question “do I need a career coach”?

When people ask me what I do, I tell them “I inspire people to achieve their career goals so they can have a happy working life”.

Yes, that’s long talk for “I’m a career coach”. And while it’s not often you hear about career coaches, I’m the coach that is probably one of the most important to have. Because you have to ask yourself, what good is great health, a rockin’ body, a stunning new home, and a flashy wedding if the job you go to every day leaves you feeling flat, bored, or stressed.

Your dream job doesn’t happen by accident. You find your dream job just like you find good health, a designer home and a wedding to remember – with the guidance of an expert.

Just like all of life’s specialists who we trust to give us the right advice and direction, a career coach will help you tap into your innermost desires for a job that doesn’t just bring a wage, but nurtures you and gives you a sense of purpose:

A career coach will listen to you and asking the right questions so you can:

  • find your own answers and solutions
  • identify your career goals
  • explore ideas, concerns and fears that are holding you back
  • take concrete steps to achieve your career goals
  • stay on track in achieving your work ambitions

It’s my job to act as a beacon for you – a light of hope and reason – through what can often be a daunting process when thinking about your next step.

In order to get there, I’ve got tools that will help in find out about yourself, guiding your decisions, and then positioning yourself:

  • Job Role / Career Preference Assessments
  • Personality tests
  • Values, Traits & Strength tests
  • Personal branding strategies
  • Social media strategies
  • CV + Cover Letter templates

I’m the doctor, the personal trainer, the architect and event planner for your career.

If you’re earning a fortune in a job that makes you smile, you don’t need me.

But if you’re not there yet, make time for a check up with a career specialist who can diagnose your discontent and work out the cure, through the best career advice. I also provide career counselling for graduates, to accelerate your career from the beginning.

It’s the appointment that could resurrect your work life.

Take your first step to becoming your future u.

Contact me for a no obligation conversation by signing up to my web page or email me directly at robert@futureucoaching.com.au . I will explain the process of career counselling in this session.

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