Shine at your job interview to get noticed

So you want to shine at job interviews. You saw that job and went for it. Updated your CV. Wrote a snappy cover letter that addressed all the key selection criteria. And you got the call you’ve been hoping for, the one that excites you and scares you, but gets

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Don’t panic: smash your job interview

Panic is bad. It is debilitating and the mortal enemy of the job candidate in their first face-to-face meeting. In my experience of interviewing prospective employees, I was constantly amazed by how many, perfectly eligible applicants would ruin their job prospects because of panic. Panic made them sound incoherent and confused;

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Reasons to paint a picture during job interviews

The two killer mistakes made by people in interviews are: Not providing enough of the right information (missing the point), or Providing too much information in an unclear, incoherent manner (babbling) Generally, interviewers want to hear clear, coherent and well-structured answers to their questions.  They want to hear answers that

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