So you want to shine at job interviews. You saw that job and went for it. Updated your CV. Wrote a snappy cover letter that addressed all the key selection criteria. And you got the call you’ve been hoping for, the one that excites you and scares you, but gets you one step closer to landing the job.

“Can you come in for an interview?”

Yay, you’re in the door, one more hurdle to go. Impressing at the dreaded interview.

This is the stage of the job hunt where people often panic and lose their focus.

People will offer all sorts of well-meaning advice that will be contradictory, based on myths, out of date or just plain wrong! All this does is lower your confidence.

What you need to do is inspire confidence. Show them that you are the right person for the role.

Own it like a boss –

The trick is to project confidence not arrogance. Too much swagger makes you look like a know-it-all. Too much perfume or after-shave will send their allergies into over drive.

Interview success is about making the interview panel believe that you are the right person for the role. They need to believe in YOU and your ability to do the role. Many of the “right people” have missed out on jobs because they couldn’t sell themselves.

Your personal confidence, your projection of confidence, convinces an employer that ‘you’ve got this’, that you can already see yourself doing this job.

Confidence is contagious. Your self-belief makes it easier for the interview panel to believe that you’re the right person for the job.

How to project confidence:

  • Walk into the interview with purpose.
  • Make sure to walk with your head up and shoulders back.
  • Smile while walking
  • Focus your gaze on the interview panel.
  • Firm hand shake and look at the other person while shaking hands.
  • Don’t rush.
  • Organize yourself and your notes before starting the interview.
  • Look the interview panel in the eyes when answering questions.
  • Turn your attention to the person asking the question but also engage others in the conversation.

Confidence killers:

  • Walking in and looking around the room.
  • Looking at the floor when walking into the room.
  • When walking in trying to introduce yourself before people are ready for you.
  • Arm thrust out for a hand shake in walking in
  • Having a stern or frightened look on your face while walking
  • Staring or talk too fast.
  • Doing  the ‘looking them up and down’ trick. It’s unprofessional and a bit creepy.

Ways to wow:

  • The balance is to be enthusiastic, positive and confident without being a conceited ‘big-head’.
  • Not talking over the top of others.  If you need to butt in do it politely and professionally.
  • Listen to the question you are being asked, don’t just run through your rehearsed responses in your head.
  • Show some pride in yourself by carrying yourself upright and proud, and with a smile.


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