It has been a few years working for the same employer and the passion of waking up in the morning excited to go to work has disappeared.  Does that sound like you? Or are you searching for reasons not to go to work?  Or does the mention of your employer make you break out in Hives!!!!

Yes, workplace unhappiness happens.  It is a “thing”. It happens often and to most people.

A recent Gallup Survey revealed that 85% of the international workforce is disengaged at work. Most employees are unhappy with their career.  The reasons are many but the key for us in this blog is the fact that such a big number are chronically unhappy.

Being unhappy at work is terrible.  It makes unproductive as an employee but worse it makes us a bad person to be around. Workplace unhappiness causes stress, it impacts on our relationships, and it can make us sick.

However, before you quit test your decision with these simple questions.

Is my boss showing interest in my career development?

A common issue employees experience is their employer does not provide the fundamental tools to enhance their career.

Some organizations embrace the idea of their employees working towards their goals to potentially move to a new area of the company. An action plan with an employer to develop one’s career includes the following:

  • Quarterly career development meetings
  • Discussing areas of improvement
  • Continuous education
  • Mentor program with experienced colleagues

If you believe there is no opportunity to progress at work, it is time to start searching for a new job.

Is this a great place to work? Do people want to come here and work?

Let’s face it. Some workplaces condone an unhealthy work environment. As a result, employees feel uncomfortable at work to express their concerns to management. A work environment where office gossip, harassment or unprofessional behavior is accepted can prevent you from experiencing high levels of job satisfaction.

Is the Company is Growing?

Growing companies are happy companies and happy companies usually have happy employees. So, if you are in a growing company and unhappy then you might need to consider if you are a good fit for the business A company that is growing has the budget to hire new staff, invest in software technology, offer career development programs, offer bonuses for high performance

If a company regularly announces negative cash flow, missed targets, is laying off staff and its long-term growth looks unachievable then it may be a good idea to leave and protect your entitlements.

What stage of my career am I at?

The reality is many employees outgrow their positions at work.  This could be for many reasons however before you make the decision to quit you should think about: the opportunities in other parts of the business; what development opportunities exist for you where you are; your age, level of experience and the value you could bring to another business; the state of the employment market. As much as quitting may feel good it can very quickly turn into a bad decision if you can find immediate employment.

Is my health being affected?

If your job is making you sick then it is a “no brainer”, you need to get out of there.  Nothing should come before your health.

What to Consider Before Quitting

To quit or not to quit your job is a very serious decision and there are many things you need to think about.  Before making such a serious a decision you should talk to a professional career coach.

What the career coach can do is help you discover new insights about what is making you unhappy at work, suggest alternative ways of dealing with your unhappiness, and help you make the right decision for you.  Most importantly, a career coach will help you find that dream job.

If you are considering quitting your job, then I encourage you to first book a Career Breakthrough Conversation to talk with us about your career and your dream job and whether quitting is the right move for you.

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