As a career coach I can attest that there is a hidden job market most job seekers did not know exists, nor how to access them. It is the reason why some people continue to find work while others continue to dream about career happiness.

The thing about hidden jobs is that they are HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES!! It means YOU have to FIND THEM.

These roles are filled through word of mouth, networking or identifying problems that need fixing.

The question is, are you willing to do the work to find these hidden jobs?

In my new blog, I share how to find hidden jobs so that you can achieve your career goals and have a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Why the Hidden Job Market Exists?

The reason why most jobs are not listed online is it saves an employer the cost of marketing. Also, some employers prefer to find fresh talent through referrals from their employees. Working on the principle of “like attracts like” employers who are happy and trust their employees will back their employees referral because “like attracts like”.

Speak with Human Resources

Human resources regularly speak with management to discuss an opening for future jobs. I recommend that you network and connect with people in human resources or recruitment. It can lead to an HR or recruitment specialist advocating you to a prospective employer for a new position. If you build a connection with human resources professionals, some might be willing to help you achieve career-related goals.

Design Your Dream Job

Sometimes employers don’t realise that they have a skill gap in their team. For instance, a client of mine approached their employer to be the project manager of a big project that they had won. The employer jumped at the opportunity because they trusted she could do the job and it saved them time and money.

Another example is a colleague of mine who convinced their boss that they business needed some new systems and processes implemented. The business was experiencing an increase in costly rework at the time, so they appointed my colleague as the implementation manager.

The strategy to designing your own job is:

• identify a business problem that needs fixing
• Promote yourself as that problem solver
• Highlight the financial benefits or return on investment to the business.

Be prepared to provide quantitative data that will prove to executives and human resources that you are the right person to fill a need for a new position.

You’re Online and Offline Network

LinkedIn is one of the best online platforms to connect with people who are “in the know” about hidden jobs. This might sound odd but the “right” people who know about the hidden jobs that need filling are: operations managers; general manager; team leaders; and recruiters. These are the people you need to connect with and speak to regularly to abreast of what is out there.

Don’t ignore your immediate “offline” networks such as:

• Family and friends
• Previous employers
• Previous colleagues
• Career coaches

These people can provide you a “warm” introduction to a hidden job market lead.

Remember to stay connected with these people and meet up with them regularly to discuss your career goals.

Community Involvement

Many Australian businesses are looking for employees who are willing to give a bit back to the community. Volunteering is a fabulous way of strengthening your CV (or LinkedIn profile); developing new skills; gaining new achievements; and, growing your network.

The decision makers at top organisations in Australia are spending time doing volunteer work. Imagine working as a volunteer at a community group or charity and connecting with a key decision maker in an industry you want to work in. Imagine the rapport, good will and trust that would build. One connection like that can change the direction of your career.

The hidden job market is real and when you come across one of these opportunities you need to be ready to strike. This means you need to have all your CV ready to go: a clear value proposition (i.e. reason why you are the best person for the job): and your evidence as to why you are the best person for the role.

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